The Witness Dialogue Prize - Progetto Dialogo

The Witness of Dialogue Prize

A moral recognition

A moral recognition

The  Witness of Dialogue Prize is a moral recognition promoted with the patronage of the Secretariat of the Nobel  Peace Prize: it is awarded each year to people and / or organizations that have distinguished themselves in the promotion of dialogue between different cultures and religions. Among others, it was handed over to Lech Walesa.

It is organized with the support and collaboration of the "Castle of Felino" (Parma - it is one of the most important structures dedicated to cultural events. In this prestigious venue, on 24 May,  will also take place the awarding ceremony of 2013's edition of the Prize.
Premiazione 2013 -foto d'insieme.jpg
Award Ceremony "Witness Dialogue Prize" 2013 (pictured from right):
Victoria Stakharyak (President of the Association Award organization), Emanuele Massari (Managing Director CRI-MAN), Mario Giordano (Director TgCom 24), Marco Alessandrini (Owner of the Castle of Felino), Enjell Ndocaj (Deputy Director of the Albanian Pubblic Television), Artan Shytaj (ex V/Minister of Sports of Albania) Giuliano Molossi (Director Gazzetta and TV Parma).
Toson d'oro - foto.jpg

The winner is awarded with the "Golden Fleece", a gilded bronze bas-relief medallion, realized ​​by the artist Giovanna Barozzi.

It  is a free interpretation of the high honor that Philip III of Burgundy established in 1430:
for a long time, one of the most prestigious in the world.
The image take the appearance of the mythical golden fleece, stolen by the Argonauts in Colchis and symbolizing their pursuit of spirit's greatness.