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Other initiatives

Contributions to institutions and organizations

Project Dialogue has made several donations of medical equipment including a major technical apparatus for the analysis of blood delivered to the Hospital of Tirana.
It has also supported and helped economically over 30 organizations in the countries of Eastern Europe (Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Belarus) engaged in assisting needy children.
Finally, it has supported many young artists of Eastern Europe through the organization of exhibitions in Italy.
Meetings between young people of different culture...

Meetings between young people of different cultures and religions

Significant part of Project Dialogue are also numerous other activities, conceived as an aggregation tool: among others, the partecipation at several marathons (London, Carpi, Venice, Rome, etc..), and meetings between young people of different cultures and religions in schools, universities and institutions.

These meetings are also attended by people from the media and entertainment world.
Below the event conducted by Gianni Ippoliti at the University of Lecce.

Finally, the associations of  Dialogue Project help and support many sports teams and cultural Albanians and Eastern Europe associations.